About Authentic Mood

Hello it’s me Cloé, I’ve been living in Metropolitan France for a decade now with my husband and my 2 children. The concept of family and what it represents, its comforting and secure side is very important to me. I am a generous, positive, loyal, determined and very smiling young woman. I have to admit, I have a smile very often, except when it’s not right! I have been in the event for some time now.

Having a taste for travel, I’m a big fan of my butterfly island, New York and London. Guadeloupe because these are my origins, I was born there, I lived there and I go back regularly. New York for its American atmosphere, this feeling of living an awake dream and especially for hip hop Rnb, my cradle because I was born with rnb hip hop dance, where I was a dance teacher on my island. And London for its cosmopolitan side. In 2007, after a stay with friends, I fell literally under the charm of this city. And since then I have discovered it in all these forms, first as a tourist, then as a nanny, then as a student again and again as a tourist.

I also have a strong taste for writing, already very young I had already written my first fictional novel. I like to give to others without waiting in return. I like people to be happy. My vocation is really to help others, to advise them.

It is with passion, and driven by the desire to create unique events, that I decided to accompany you on one of the most beautiful days of your life.

Why choose me?

For my authenticity, my availability and my unfailing sense of listening. For my sensitivity because I will always do my best to satisfy you and for my expertise in the organization of marriage that will allow me to make you live the marriage of your dreams.


What I love

family moments, London in particular wander around Tower Bridge, New York, dance, music and hip hop rnb movies, writing, sun, beaches, travel, cinema and popcorn, massages, wellness sessions, relax at home in front of a good Twilight movie for example, fantastic movies, macaroons, strawberries, drink a good soft wine the good little Antillean dishes, in short enjoying life

What I don’t like

hypocrisy, false pretenses, snakes, people who dare not, being in the dark, the films of violence and horror

We’re talking about it.